Apple decided on an unusual step and created a separate iOS version 13 specifically for its tablet computers. “Branch” of mobile OSes, designed specifically for the iPad, called iPadOS.

In the last few years Apple has actually developed its own mobile operating system in two directions: for smartphones and tablets. Specifically for the iPad cupertinos added in iOS Split View and Slide Over the Dock, additional gestures, etc. iPadOS can be considered a logical continuation of the previous updates.

In iPadOS Apple modified the home screen, giving users the opportunity to add special widgets. In addition, the cupertinos have added a large number of different gestures for multitasking. Latest help to switch apps, copy, paste, cut, close programs, etc.

Apple also modified the SplitView mode (two programs on one screen). Now it is possible to run two identical applications. For example, two different lists, a few letters, two text editor, etc. However, it is unclear whether such option is to work with third party programs.

Consideration has also been application Files. It received a quick action that allows you to make changes to the files, and also support resource sharing using the SMB Protocol, and removable drives. Data support for external manipulators yet.

Was modified Safari. Browser received 30 new keyboard shortcuts when working with an external keyboard, the controls for text size settings for each individual site and settings for downloading images. The app also got a handy download Manager, similar to the one that is in the desktop version of Safari.

Install iPadOS will be on:

  • iPad mini 4, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3, iPad 5, iPad 6, iPad Pro has a 9.7 inch iPad Pro, 10,5, 11, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 12.9.


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