The problem is widespread, but affects only a part of the owners of the novelty, most owners of iPhone 11 different modifications do not complain about the durability of the screen to scratches. According to the information portal Pocketnow, appeals to tech support is really a lot and some of them are quite comical: the glass is damaged with a fingernail or plastic card so much that then the furrow is noticeable to the touch.

Perhaps the fact that the material chosen is more flexible and less resistant to scratches, but more resistant to chips and cracks. Also, experts say that it is too little concrete data. Difficult to say for sure, case in marriage, misuse or miscalculation of the real Apple engineers. Most of the users in their complaints indicate that treated the gadget carefully and never put it near metal objects. In any case, the discussion thread on the official forum has already reached 13 pages and only filled up by.

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