The authoritative edition of AnandTech tested the iPhone 11 Pro and studied the new Apple chip A13 Bionic. Reporters noted that the A13 processor is about 20% faster than the previous Apple chip. However, to achieve such performance, Apple had to increase the peak power consumption of the processor.

According to the authors of AnandTech, Apple is now A13 is one of the most powerful chips on the market. In fact it is two times faster than top competitors.

However, most journalists were struck by the graphic module A13. The peak GPU frequency increased by about 20%. At maximum speed iPhone 11 Pro has been able to operate on 50-60% longer than the iPhone Xs.

But experts have reported on the throttle. In many of the tests Apple A13 shows himself just fine. However, the situation changes when the chip is not heated too much. However, in everyday use, such problems should not be.


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