Followed iFixit and EverytingApplePro to the new Apple’s smartphones got the author’s Youtube channel jerryrigeverything once. As usual, he conducted a series of tests and found out how well iPhone 11 Pro Max confronts a variety of mechanical damage.

The new Apple smartphone went through all the “standard” tests. The strength was checked on a screen, the side faces, a rear cover glass covering the camera In all iPhone 11 Pro Max nice moved all the “checks”.

Author channel jerryrigeverything once said that the smartphone is almost impossible to bend with hands, and sapphire glass covering the main modules of the camera, perfectly resists scratches. Also increased the resistance of the side frames. Now they can better resist minor damages.

In this case, the glass that covers the back surface of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, easy enough to leave small marks. This can be done with keys, plastic trinkets, etc. However, all these marks are quite easily removed. The blogger suggested that this state of Affairs is due to the fact that the cupertinos have done back of the case its new smartphone of frosted glass with a slightly rough texture.


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