Security specialist Brian Krebs unexpectedly discovered that the iPhone 11 Pro can track the location of a user even when geolocation is disabled in settings. He suggested that such “feature” is also available in iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

According to Apple’s privacy policy in relation to location services and GPS, Apple’s new smartphone may periodically send Apple information of nearby access points, Wi‑Fi and cellular towers. In this case, all data is sent anonymously and encrypted.

All this applies to cases where the user has disabled location services. However, Krebs has discovered that despite the ban, the iPhone continues to request GPS data. The expert suggested that the problem is caused by the peculiarities of the use of the new chip Wi-Fi 6, but confirmation of this theory he found.

Brian Krebs has already reported to Apple about the found defect. A report was sent in November.


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