In recent days enthusiasts are actively researching code of the first beta version of iOS 13.1, and they have already made the first finds. In particular, the code in the new test Assembly was found the mention of a feature that will automatically cut the background image in the videos.

According to reports, the new technology will be able to remove the background, not only in those earlier commercials, but in real-time. However, how accurate this mechanism is difficult to say.

In the implementation of smart filters to video Apple helped the company Spektral, which cupertinos purchased last fall. Employees of a startup engaged in the development of specific technologies based on computer vision and machine learning. The algorithms Spektral accurately enough to determine the boundaries of the background.

It is expected that the new feature will be available to users after the release of new Apple smartphones. And try it can only owners of iPhone 11. On older models the new feature will not work. It is believed that this is due to the processor.


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