iPhone 11, Apple will be different from previous models in that the smartphone will be able to determine whether the user of the display when the machine is immersed in water.

The company has developed a patent on the technology last year, and, according to max Weinbach that works on the application development platform XDA, it can be released at the end of this year. “The next iPhone probably will have displays that work under water, — he wrote in his Twitter account. They already have this feature”. It is unclear how exactly will work this option, but probably when you activate it, you will use the 3D Touch technology from Apple, which can detect the pressure of the fingers on the screen.

Apple is going to release three models of iPhone in 2019: model 5.8 inch, model is 6.1 inch and 6.5-inch model with a triple system rear camera. They will have upgraded the identity of a person, larger in size and capacity battery and “two-way wireless charging”. This means that they can be used to charge other devices.

Recall that every iPhone starting with the iPhone 7, was positioned as a “water resistant” with a rating of IP67. Manufacturers claim that it can operate when submerged to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. The latest iPhone XS with a rating of IP68 can work under water at a depth of 2 meters. “So, if you happen to relax by the pool, you can throw the phone in water… and not worry! Remove it from water, rinse, let it dry and everything will be all right,” said Phil Schiller, the marketing Director of Apple.

But while the iPhone though and cope with immersion, really can’t work in full mode: in particular, the user can press the display under water. This is because water conducts electricity, so the smartphone can’t determine the difference between the water and the touch of your fingertips.

It is expected that the new device will be presented to the public in September 2019.

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