Thanks to the ground glass.

According to reliable sources analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the design of the iPhone 11 and 11 Max iPhone will be significantly transformed by equipping smartphones with frosted glass. But the use of frosted glass will affect not only the appearance of smartphones. The tactile sensation of the iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max will be different, and most importantly — they will not leave fingerprints.

Frosted glass is an old material for housings of smartphones. The most famous smartphone with frosted glass — Google Pixel 3. According to user reviews, the back surface of the smartphone is surprisingly pleasant to the touch and “it is not dirty”. At least the fingerprints on the body are not visible. It’s noted and leading columnists.

A similar frosted glass will appear in the iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max. Due to the new glass design of Apple’s smartphone will get a really helpful visual changes. the iPhone XS is almost indistinguishable from the iPhone X that was named one of the downsides of the smartphone, especially for those who bought a smartphone after “ten”.

The iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max won’t be a problem. In size, the new smartphone will be identical to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, but the design and feel of using a smartphone will be others.

As for a full redesign, then Apple, by tradition, will not go ahead with it. It is expected that the full processing of the iPhone design will occur in 2020.


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