On the eve of the announcement of the new Apple smartphones on the website SlashLeaks has another batch of rumors about the yet unannounced iPhone. Information was published by an unidentified insider, presented by employees of Foxconn.

According to reports, this year Apple could expand the palette of colors iPhone new color. According to the source, Apple smartphones sample 2019 model year will be released in black, white, gold and dark green color. The last shade will remind Sony Z5 in the color Green.

The rear surface of the smartphone will be made of frosted glass. The source said separately that the back cover can disappear the inscription iPhone. Why Apple take such a step, hard to say. However, the source selects this feature.

According to an unknown insider, the iPhone 11, Apple will not abandon the Lightning port, and further equip their devices more powerful chargers. As before, included with the iPhone will go the power supply is 5 watts. Not much change will be on the front panel. Apple will keep the lever silent mode and will not embed in the screen a fingerprint scanner.

The source notes that the iPhone camera will be thoroughly redesigned. It will be based on new sensors, wherein each lens is responsible for its color (RGB).

It is difficult to say how reliable is the published information. On the website SlashLeaks often emerge different fakes and rumors are never confirmed.


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