Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo continues to share a variety of predictions about new Apple devices. He said that in 2019 the iPhone Apple may use the new type antennas.

The analyst, citing one of the investors, Apple announced that the cupertinos considering using in the new smartphones of two types of antennas polymer (LCP) and antennas of polyimide (MPI).

One of the main advantages MPI-antennas is more stable and quality signal. However, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that this is not the only reason why Apple would dare to take this step. The analyst believes that in this way cupertinos want to expand the number of suppliers, production capacity of which is not always enough.

In 2019 the iPhone can be used from four LCP antenna and two antennas MPI. The increase in the number of antennas may indirectly hint at the fact that Apple is beginning to prepare their smart phones for 5G networks. While analyst doubt that iPhone will support a new communication standard in the next year.


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