Over the past few months in the network appeared a lot of information about the successors of the current generation iPhone. Sources reported that the novelty will receive more powerful internals and advanced cameras, but it will not change in appearance. Today, his predictions about iPhone 11, iPhone 11 iPhone Max XR 2019 shared by analysts at Mizuho.

In a nutshell, experts say, hope for the revolution is not necessary. Analysts believe that the only significant change will be the camera. For this reason, Apple is the second consecutive year, will face great difficulties in selling their new devices.

According to analysts Mizuho, apparently iPhone sample 2019 will not change: the basic hull lines and a diagonal measurement of the display will remain unchanged. While all three products will lose support 3D Touch. The change of this technology will come software counterpart, called Haptic Touch, which first appeared in the iPhone XR.

For the performance of the new iPhone to Apple A13. It will make smartphones even more productive. However, analysts say this change is not too important. Support iPhone 5G sample of 2019 will not.

The only significant new feature will be the camera. iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Max needs to obtain modules with three lenses and iPhone XR 2019 – a camera with two lenses. In the end, the picture quality is expected to increase.

The official announcement of the new generation iPhone will be part of a special presentation to be held in the name of Steve jobs in September of this year.


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