According to a new study, the company engaged in computer security, Blancco, out of all the iPhone the least stable work of the model 6 and 6S. However, the reliability of Samsung smartphones is even lower.

According to the report, the company Blancco, failures in the iPhone 6 occur in 22 percent of cases. Second line anti-reliability rating smartphones Apple got the iPhone 6S, the probability of error in the use of which is 16%. The most stable devices were iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. The failure of these models occur only in 3% of cases. In the anti-top 10 has not entered the iPhone iPhone SE and 8. The reliability of these devices may explain their high popularity.

The tests were conducted in the first quarter of 2018. Most likely, the iPhone 6 was affected by the errors encountered in earlier versions of iOS 11. For example, the problem with the depletion of the reserve battery was solved only in iOS 11.4.1, appeared in July 2018.

The frequency of errors among Android smartphones was higher than the Apple. Worst of all things Samsung, misoperation of the devices which occur in 27.4% of cases.

Problem in using iOS devices often occur because of failures in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Android smartphones usually refuse camera, microphone and charging the battery.

More than 70% of owners of Apple gadgets have installed on their smartphones the latest iOS version 11. While more than half of the adherents of the operating system Google Android continue to enjoy Nougat, which was released back in 2016. Perhaps a large number of the failures connected with an outdated version of the operating system.


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