But temporarily.

4.7-inch iPhone 8 sample 2017 is gradually becoming more available in Russia. Right now the acquisition of the “eight” is the most favorable for all time of sales of the smartphone. The price of iPhone 8 the first time fell below 40 thousand rubles.

For iPhone 8 in Russia there is a keen demand. According to the statistics of the queries in the Russian Internet, the model is among the five most Russians are interested in Apple smartphones. This is largely due to the fact that iPhone 8 continues to fall in price pretty good pace.

So, authorized Apple retailers in Russia reduced the price of iPhone 8 to 44 990 rubles in the beginning of 2019. The best offer from the mobile operator MTS, which in addition to direct discounts offers a return of 3,500 rubles as cashback.

But low price iPhone 8 currently installed on the site, Tmall, where Apple sells their original and certified for Russia smartphones. There iPhone 8 with 64 GB of memory has dropped in price to 39 653 rubles. This is the minimum price of the device for all time of sales. It is noteworthy that the smartphone is available for purchase in all colors.

However, discount for iPhone 8 time. It will be relevant over the next three days. What price Tmall will install to the smartphone after the sale is unknown.


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