At the moment, many analysts say the iPhone 9 one of the most promising of Apple smartphones. In contrast to the more expensive iPhone X and iPhone X Plus (iPhone XS iPhone XS Plus) 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD display should become more popular among users. In addition, for certain markets, Apple may release a special version of this model with support for two SIM-cards. This indirectly confirms the information appearing on the website of the Chinese Agency telecommunications TENAA.

Our database Chinese logger iPhone 9 is listed under two different model numbers — and A1920 A1921. It is assumed that one of the versions and will be equipped with two slots for SIM-cards. However, some experts believe that instead of a second slot Apple uses eSIM.

As mentioned above, analysts believe iPhone 9 one of the most promising of Apple smartphones. Due to the relatively low price of 600-700 dollars for the base model and powerful enough stuffing this unit should attract maximum number of consumers. In addition, earlier it was reported that iPhone 9 will be released in a few atypical for Apple colors.

Recall that the official presentation of the new Apple smartphone is scheduled for September 12. The event will take place in theatre of a name of Steve jobs.


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