Unpleasant trend.

Every year the flagship smartphone Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other companies more expensive. And this trend will not stop in the next few years, I am sure the leading analyst of company CCS Insight’s Ben wood. The reason is that smartphone manufacturers see the willingness of consumers to pay big money for the latest device.

Many criticized Apple for raising the price on smartphones. However, not only Apple doing this. All the leading manufacturers significantly raised the prices of their flagships for the last two years:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2016 ($695) — Samsung Galaxy S9 2018 ($800) — the growth rates of 15.1%.
  • LG V20 2016 (829) — LG V30 2018 ($912) growth rates of 8.6%.
  • Google Pixel XL 2016 ($769) — Google Pixel 2XL 2017 ($849) — the growth rates of 10.4%.
  • OnePlus 3 2016 ($399) — OnePlus 6 2018 ($529) — the growth rates of 32.6%.

Currently there is a situation in which even Chinese companies will greatly increase the prices of their smartphones. And an example of the OnePlus is not the most telling. Huawei, which is also in 2016, has sold the flagship P9 for $580 in 2018 offers a smartphone P20 Pro for $900!

It would seem that consumers should not arrange such state of Affairs. However, smartphones are at a price of high performance computers actively bought up. And that, in the first place, see manufacturers, which just makes no sense to reduce the cost of the following devices.

Recall that in 2018 Apple will cut the price of the input model iPhone 9 — it should be cheaper by $100-150. But the company’s flagship, a huge 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Plus, will be the most expensive Apple smartphone. It is expected that the price for the iPhone version Plus 11 with 256 GB of memory will exceed $1150.

Source: CNET.


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