All because of iOS 11.

Within 10 days after the release of iOS 12 update is installed on 20.7% of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Compared to previous versions of iOS, the rate of updates to iOS 12 is greatly reduced. Experts of company Mixpanel, which collected these data, I believe that users are still afraid to install iOS 12, for fear of unstable operation of their devices.

Last year 10 days after the launch of the final iOS version 11, firmware switched 28.6% of users. In the case of even older iOS versions the figures were much higher. For example, for the first 10 days iOS 9 has been mounted directly on 48.1% of devices, and scale of the updated iOS 7 and is 63.4% of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Mixpanel experts are sure that Apple is not worried because of a gradual decrease in the number of users who switch to iOS first. Statistics show that the proportion of each version of iOS is equal to 85-90% before the release of the new update. This happens even in cases when the original firmware users to go reluctantly.

With specific regard to iOS 12, users don’t install the firmware because they fear a repeat of the situation with iOS 11. A year earlier, the first iOS version 11 has been extremely successful. They contained a lot of bugs, reduced the speed and autonomy. iOS 12 is devoid of all these problems, but the iPhone and iPad still not in a hurry to test it on their devices.

Source: Mixpanel.


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