At the annual conference on computer security Black Hat specialist Google Project Zero, Natalie Silvanovich has revealed the possibility of hacking the Apple iPhone using the pre-multifunctional messenger iMessage, reports the edition of Wired.

In recent times Apple has fixed at least 6 vulnerabilities iMessage, however, as it turned out, it’s not all “holes” in the security of the application. Cause vulnerabilities iMessage is the complexity of service integration with third-party applications that make it easier for hackers to find vulnerabilities.

Description of the vulnerability

Natalie Silvanovich, studying the algorithm of iMessage, discovered the possibility of access to user information by sending only one specific message that is perceived by the iMessage server as a system command. Due to this, sent requested data, which do not even need to open the messenger. Other vulnerabilities iMessage using one of the special messages allow you to integrate to the service of virus code.

Natalie Silvanovich said that tried to find a similar vulnerability in the Android OS, but was unable to find them. Note that it has previously discovered exploits in WhatsApp, FaceTime, as well as in the Protocol of webRTC video conferencing, which were successfully fixed by Apple.

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