If you believe the network sources, the first smartphones that support 5G will be released next year. However, not all manufacturers have plans to launch devices that can operate in networks of new generation. Some, such as Apple will release a smartphone with support for 5G not before 2020. This resource tells Fast Company, citing an anonymous source.

At the moment we know that Apple is already experimenting with Intel chip 8060. However, sources report that when working with this modem cupertinos ran into some problems. In particular, they cannot cope with high heat release, which in turn leads to overheating and rapid discharge of the battery.

There is speculation that Apple will wait until Intel will release the next modem service number 8061. It will be made on 10-nm process and will lose certain shortcomings, which were the predecessor.

It is noteworthy that Apple is not planning to apply to Qualcomm. The company is not the first year are in a state of “legal war”, which is gaining momentum. For this reason, cupertinos and do not plan to use the products Qualcomm.

If Intel can’t offer any 5G modem Apple is likely to appeal to MediaTek. Sources say that the cupertinos are already in talks with Taiwanese chipmakers. However, the use MediaTek products Apple will only be the case if Intel can not solve the problems with their modems.


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