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the iPhone is a much better purchase than smartphone competitors. A year after the acquisition it will fall in price much less than any smartphone based on Android. This is evidenced by research by MusicmagPie.

Among the most popular Apple smartphones for the year after the release of faster all impaired iPhone 8 (45%). Indicators iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Plus is a little better, they have fallen in price by 44% and 43%, respectively. iPhone X price lost only 32% of their original price.

The situation with Android smartphones looks to be diametrically opposed, as even flagship smartphones are getting cheaper very quickly. Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ a year later fell from 58%. Huawei P9 fell in value by 71%, and HTC 10 — 73%. Not look better and Google the Pixel Google Pixel XL, forcing its owner to “throw” 74% and 84% of their original price.

It is worth noting that in an average 12 months iPhone cheaper by 45%, Samsung smartphones — 62%, and Google — 81%. Even more sad is the problem of resale of the smartphones LG, Huawei and HTC are falling in price by 82%, 84% and 85%, respectively. This information is particularly interesting on the eve of the announcement of the iPhone Xs, XC iPhone and iPhone Xs Max, scheduled for September 12.

Source: MusicMagPie


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