Horrific for users of analysts ‘ forecasts.

In 2017, Apple stunned many by releasing the first iPhone cost more than $1000. In 2018 the maximum price level has been lifted even higher — to $1449 in the case of the iPhone XS Max with 512 GB of memory. However, it seems that this is not the end. Apple may make an iPhone worth nearly $2000 and this is a direct allusion.

iPhone for $2000?!

30 October, Apple presented a new large-scale the updated tablets iPad Pro 2018. Novelties become the first mobile devices with maximum memory of 1 TB.

And Apple has put into this special iPad Pro 2018 with 1 TB of memory “special” price. For the version of the tablet with 1 TB of memory requests from the company for $400 more than the model with 512 GB of memory. In Russia the difference between the models is as much as 32 thousand rubles.

Analysts believe that Apple may cook iPhone with 1TB of internal memory. And if the company does not change itself in pricing, the price of such a smartphone with the exorbitant amount of internal memory will be close to $2000.

Now the most expensive Apple smartphone is iPhone XS Max with 512 GB of memory. It sells for $1449 or 127 990 rubles for the Russian market. If Apple has no plans to raise prices of smartphones next year, but will release a model with a 1 TB built-in memory, the cost of such a device will be $1889, or 166 990 rubles!

Of course, at the moment there is no obvious leaks that would confirm Apple’s plans to release an iPhone with 1TB of internal memory. But a couple of years ago, few could imagine that Apple intends to offer consumers smartphones with 512 GB of memory. And even the year before storage at 256 GB seemed to be something unusual for the iPhone.

Therefore, the release of the iPhone 2019 with 1 TB can really happen. And the price of this model definitely impressed everybody.


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