Frames can be lost completely.

The Austrian company AMS announced the launch of a new technology that should be implemented in the next generation of iPhones to reduce part of the display. AMS supplying optical sensors for Apple, created a new RGB-light sensor and infrared proximity sensor, which is installed under the OLED display smartphone. Due to this, the new iPhone can either greatly decrease, or even abyss the top frame.

The AMS stated that its new sensor is able to reject frames display in smartphones. This is possible due to the fact that the sensor of new generation is installed and operates under a full OLED display. A breakthrough technology using sophisticated measurement algorithms to compensate for optical distortion, allows you to set the sensor light and proximity for display without any loss in quality.

AMS is a supplier of optical sensors for almost all iPhone, released over the past two years. Most likely, Apple will use the new AMS technology in its future smartphones. And given previous rumors indicating Apple’s intention to reduce “the unibrow” in 2019 the iPhone, wait for the appearance of a special technology should be this year.

Source: AMS.


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