Quality video capture is amazing.

Camera iPhone XS Max is one of the best on the market, which is already confirmed by DxOMark test. But can it compete with a professional camera for $10 thousand? This is what decided to find out the photographer and videoperator ed Gregory, comparing the camera 6.5-inch iPhone Max XS with Canon C200.

Testing two cameras was as objective as possible, as professional camera equipped with a lens Sigma Art 18-35mm. Lens aperture equal to f/1.8, which provided the approximate same focal length iPhone camera XS Canon C200 and Max. Both cameras ed Gregory installed on the image stabilizer DJI Ronin-S.

Videos ed Gregory compared his 27-inch iMac and found out that the iPhone XS Max shoots great videos. The smartphone camera makes so good and vivid video that there is no need to adjust the colors. In addition, the iPhone’s camera XS Max all right with the dynamic range and image detail in the shadows.

Unlike the iPhone XS Max, for Canon C200 postprocessing is still required. However, a deeper comparison reveals that a professional camera is much better. Videos from Canon C200 can boast deep detail, what’s missing from the iPhone camera XS Max. Last excessively smoothes the image, which lost a huge number of small details like leaves on trees.

However, as emphasized by ed Gregory, on the whole, the iPhone camera XS Max shoots pretty well. Inexperienced users can not tell the iPhone XS Max video from professional video.

Source: 9to5mac


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