Today, specialists DxOMark published test results iPhone camera Xs Max. In a nutshell, the new Apple smartphone in a total of 105 points and lost the ranking of the resource to only one device — Huawei P20 Pro.

It is noteworthy that for photos and video recording functions iPhone Xs Max well ahead of last year’s iPhone X. Recall that the “anniversary” of the Apple smartphone received from the experts DxOMark only 97 points.


Experts say that the new iPhone Xs Max began to take off largely due to better hardware and software innovations. Despite the fact that the iPhone X and the new flagship Apple uses and also the camera of 12 MP with wide angle and telephoto lens, the size of the pixels in the iPhone Xs Max is 1.4 µm. In addition, the cupertinos have substantially modified software, making the new flagship of the company began to take off noticeably better.

The experts at DxOMark have rated the iPhone fotosmoralo Xs Max 110 points. Experts noted portrait mode with the blurring effect of the background and good autofocus performance. However, according to employees DxOMark, the cupertinos have to pay more attention to detail when zooming in.

The video capabilities of the iPhone Xs Max was estimated at 96 points. According to experts, when shooting video, the new flagship iPhone is not always correctly determines the white balance.


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