Sometimes when you connect to familiar Wi-Fi network for the iPhone or iPad can notice the error “Incorrect password”. Edition MacDigger says what to do in such a situation.

To start is to make sure that has not changed the password since the last network connection, and check what Wi-Fi smartphone owner tries to connect. You should pay attention to correctness of symbols, the selected language and register. If everything is correct, but the phone continues to show the error, you can take the following steps:

To restart your iPhone or iPad

The mantra of the “Seven woes – one reset”, which appeared at the dawn of the proliferation of computer equipment, relevant to the present day. Modern smartphones and tablets are not without their drawbacks, as their work may have some problems. Timely overload will help to reset the errors and return to proper operation.

“Forget network” and reconnect

If a reboot doesn’t help, you can go to menu “Settings”/”Wi-Fi”, find the desired network and click on the “i” icon to the right of it. Then choose “Forget network” and confirm your intention. After some time — it is better to preload a couple of minutes – you can try to connect to Wi-Fi again.

Reset the network settings on the iPhone or iPad

The collection of the network settings on the iOS device will help to get rid of all the accumulated errors. This method has only one drawback – the user will lose all saved passwords for all wireless connections, access to them will have to restore manually.

To reset go to menu “Main”/”Reset”/”Reset network settings”.

Then you can try again to connect to the selected Wi-Fi network.

To reboot the router

Most often the problem is not in the Apple device. Disable the modem should not less than 15 seconds, although some models require a longer pause.

This method also has a significant limitation. If we are talking about workplace or public router, disconnect it from the network will not be so simple. Moreover, it is inconvenience to other users. Therefore, to resort to this method when connectivity issues arise not only from one person.

Ask someone to share the password

In iOS 11 have the opportunity to share the access code to one or another network, without disclosing it. Simply enable Bluetooth, go to “Settings”/”Wi-Fi”, put the iPhone close to each other and to select “Share Wi-Fi”. The smartphone will receive the necessary information and must correctly connect to the network.


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