In iOS 13 for smartphones Apple iPhone finally got the ability to enter text via Swype — not lifting your fingers from the screen. But it works strange. It is reported that the “native” keyboard so you cannot type the phrase “hot chocolate” (hot chocolate in English).

Most interesting is that it doesn’t work even if you disable auto-correction. The system dials the other words, but not these. And she does not remember this phrase. It is hoped that the fresh patches will eliminate the problem. The company has so far not commented on the situation.

In addition to swipes, in iOS 13 has improved the performance of the system, there was a dark mode design, a number of improvements of the services, including Apple Mail, Notes, Safari, and Maps. Was improved security, the updated app reminders, adding new tools for editing photos and videos, and made a number of other innovations.

Note that iOS 13 can be installed on the iPhone 6s and the newer models. The developers have already announced that the new mobile OS is not recommended to use third-party keyboards due to a bug in the system.

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