Owners of iPhones EN masse complained to them after iOS updates 13.2. According to developer Marco Arment, the smartphone has ceased to work in multitasking mode, the app immediately closes when it’s downloading in the background, reports 9to5mac.

Arment noted that “tradition” iOS 13 to break the long-running function continues. Experts believe that Apple did not give sufficient time for testers to test iOS on error. While Marco Arment quite an authority, so the complaints about the gadgets appealed to him and the other owner of the iPhones.

The iOS version 13.2. came out in late October. The update has the potential to artificially increase the sharpness of photos and videos, but the iPhone range 11, such opportunities have become exclusive rather than the standard.

Earlier it was reported that Apple started to notify the owners of iPhone 5 about the need to upgrade. iPhone 5 run the risk of losing key online features, including access to the App Store and iCloud, email, and web pages. This will occur if prior to November 3, the owners update the iOS to version 10.3.4.

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