And they’re more than good pay.

Banks approve loans for iPhone and iPad users 1.7 times more often than owners of Android-devices. Users of Apple devices to be much more disciplined borrowers — they delayed the payments on the first loan 1.5 times less often compared to owners of smartphones and tablets running Android. This became known from the study of the company Webbankir.

Experts Webbankir analyzed the behavior of the iPhone and Android devices and saw a clear picture of the users of Apple gadgets is much more disciplined borrowers. According to statistics, the owners of devices Apple delays the payments by 1.5 times less frequent users of gadgets running Android. According to the Director for company development Webbankir Denis Sidorov, it kind of confirms the fact that users of Apple technology more stable and high income.

Banks approve the application for the first loan iPhone and iPad users 1.7 times more often than owners of devices based on Android. In the case of re-loans the difference is smaller, but also in favor of iPhone users. Re loan application, they were approved in 79.5% of cases, while users of Android-devices — at 72.2%. The owners of iPhone and iPad and above, the average loan amount, it is 9013 RUB From users of devices based on Android, it is equal 8285 RUB.

Source: Webbankir.


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