IPhone users are advised to be vigilant!

Last week we reported that the App Store was seen application pests that steal money of users is extremely unusual way. Today the existence of a threat was confirmed by the experts of the company ESET has detected a new batch of malicious iOS applications the new type.

ESET announced the finding of several applications using a new method of stealing money from iPhone and iPad users. Malicious applications offer users a variety of opportunities, often associated with fitness.

Two of these applications, Fitness Balance and Calories Tracker, acted on the identical pattern. They offered users the exact calculation of the required daily amount of water and calories according to the new formula. For the design of the application requested by the owners of the fingerprint scan.

At the time of scanning of your finger using Touch ID app “accidentally” ran a screen with the option of in-app purchase. As a result, the user is instantly confirmed the execution of purchase and is tied to his Apple ID account is debited the money. And the money is very serious — about 8 thousand in the case of application Fitness Balance and more than 10 thousand rubles in the app, Calories Tracker.

ESET experts drew attention to the fact that the feature set and UI were similar. This allowed them to conclude that the apps created by one developer.

ESET warned Apple about malicious apps and they have already been removed from the App Store. However, in the app store for iPhone and iPad is a lot similar applications that can steal money from users ‘ accounts.


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