IPhone sales in Russia grew by 2% in units, compared with 2017 year. In terms of money Apple has earned on the sales of smartphones in Russia in 2018, up by 17%. If in 2017, Apple had sold million iPhone of 3.87 to 138 billion rubles, in 2018 already of 3.96 billion devices to 162 billion rubles. Data as of 7 December provided the combined company “Svyaznoy Evroset”.

Despite the sales growth, the share of Apple’s smartphone continues to decline in both domestic and global market. At the end of the year “Svyaznoy Evroset” Apple predicts the loss of 1 p. p. of the Russian market in money terms and 0.2 percentage points in the piece. According to preliminary results of the year (first week of December) market share from Apple, or 34.7%, in monetary terms, against 35.7 per cent from a year earlier, however, the number of products sold is only 13.2% (versus 13.4% in 2017) of the total market of smartphones in Russia.

In 2018, Apple has released three new smartphone: the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. The official price of iPhone XS in Russia starts from 87 990 rubles, iPhone XS Max — 96 990 rubles. More budget iPhone XR is 64 990 rubles. Since the decrease in the share in ruble terms is felt more than in quantity, and the price of a new iPhone every year is growing, this means that the buyers move in the direction of the old models.

It is the high prices on new iPhone models and provide Apple the largest market share on financial performance, because the number of smartphones sold in 2018, the company fell from second place to third.

The leader in sales of smartphones in the world remains the Samsung — 26% revenue market. Second place was a long-time Apple: due to higher prices iPhone buy less than the device of the Korean giant. But in the second quarter of 2018, the company Honor/Huawei overtook Apple with its 27% (approximately 19%, Huawei — 8%) of the market and came in second place in the world in sales of smartphones.

According to the estimates of “Svyaznoy Evroset” in 2018, Apple sold 156 000 laptops 14.9 billion, showing an increase from 62%. In 2017, the company earned only in this segment, only 9.2 billion roubles by selling 91, 000 devices. Thus, in quantitative terms, the growth was higher than in money — 71%. Again, this suggests that buyers prefer a less expensive model.

Sales of the iPad from Apple in 2018 also showed good growth at 31%, or 2.2 billion in monetary terms: from 7 billion to 9.2 billion rubles). This year, according to preliminary estimates, Russia had sold 260 000 tablets, which is 42% higher than in 2017 when the buyers purchased 183 000 iPad.

The share of Apple in the notebook market in terms of units, is lower than in the tablet market is 15.4% of the total number of laptops sold (market share increased by 3.8 percentage points relative to 2017). In the tablet market Apple’s share grew by 7.4 percentage points, to 28.4%.

The company’s share on the market for the proceeds of all sales of notebooks accounting for only 5.9% in unit terms (by 2.1 percentage point more than at the end of 2017).

This means that despite the small market share of all sold mobile devices, tablets and laptops, and even despite the decline in the market share the sum of revenues from iPhone sales, Apple on the Russian market occupies a leading position in revenue is due to the high price of the device.

If the profile of Apple in the world is the same as in Russia (increase the share of low-cost devices), the American manufacturer smartarrow risk of falling revenue due to patent disputes with Qualcomm. At the moment, the company lost lawsuits chipmakers in China and Germany that threatens to restrict the supply of old smartphones. But as can be seen from the analysis, they now constitute the main revenue of the company.

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