Today, there are several companies that for a fee can hack a locked iPhone or provide special tools for hacking. As it became known recently, to find ways of hacking the employees of such companies and hackers, providing similar services, actively using the iPhone prototypes.

According to the publication Motherboard, to successfully bypass security mechanisms on consumer Apple iPhone hackers are using other Apple smartphones is designed purely for developers. Such devices often fall into the “black market” from the factories of Foxconn. And they are significantly more expensive than conventional models. For example, for the iPhone X with a slightly modified operating system and shut off safety functions the sellers are asking about $ 2,000 for the iPhone 8 Plus — about $ 5,000, and for iPhone XR — $ 20,000.

However, as noted by the authors of the Motherboard, one machine is not enough. To connect the device to the computer needs a special cable, which is used by Apple engineers. It costs about $ 2,000. Having the smartphone and cable experts can gain full access to the device operating system and is free to explore the source code of the OS. This allows you to develop new and effective ways of hacking.

It is noteworthy that the security officers Apple and Foxconn constantly introduced new measures to prevent theft and the introduction of iPhone prototypes on the black market. However, enterprising employees constantly find new loopholes for the removal of components and devices from the factories.


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