Compact new iPhone will be released or not?

Statistics of requests Google and Yandex shows that many Russian users are very interested in getting iPhone 2 SE. And the closer the March presentation of the Apple, the more queries. But whether it is worth to wait for iPhone 2 SE at the upcoming presentation?

iPhone SE 2: will be released or not

Unfortunately, no real evidence of Apple’s plans to release iPhone SE 2 no. Over the past few months, none of the leading analysts and insiders are not told anything new about the iPhone SE 2. This indicates that there are no plans at Apple to launch a new compact smartphone.

Moreover, in February, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published a list of all devices that Apple is expected to release in 2019. In this list: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, 11R, iPhone, iPad 2019, iPad mini 5, 2019 MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Apple Watch Series 5, AirPods 2 and iPod touch 7G.

IPhone Pro SE 2 in his report, Kuo is not even mentioned.

In this regard, wait for iPhone 2 SE at the presentation in March is not necessary. It is noteworthy that many analysts believe the launch of a new compact and inexpensive iPhone very good step for Apple. According to experts, this smartphone will help the company to strengthen its positions on the markets of developing countries. But, apparently, Apple has not yet decided to listen to them.


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