The long-awaited release of new items is still a real!

Despite the abundance of rumors and leaks, Apple has not released iPhone 2 SE. However, the chances of the release of a new compact iPhone remains. According to a fresh leak from an insider from the supply chain Apple, iPhone, SE 2, it is X iPhone mini may come out in the spring of 2019. Analysts believe that such a possibility is really likely, as the new compact smartphone would solve a lot of problems Apple.

Currently, Apple has a lot of problems. The latest iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR sold well below expectations, causing the company’s stock price falls. Leading analysts change their forecasts about the iPhone sales in 2019 at considerably lower. A patent lawsuit with Qualcomm, the company in China and even jeopardize the existence of the Apple on one of the largest smartphone markets in the world.

That is why analysts drew attention to the recent rumors on the possible release of the iPhone SE 2 in the spring of 2019. According to experts, the launch of a new, much more affordable and compact smartphone in iPhone style X would allow the company to attract a huge number of buyers. Surveys show that consumers have difficulty selecting a small smartphone, as all major manufacturers produce models with larger displays.

In addition, the launch of a less expensive iPhone 2 SE would give Apple the opportunity at least to drastically change its pricing policy. Almost all reputable analysts believe that in the next couple of years Apple will try to reduce the average price of iPhone. But it is important for companies to make it not abruptly, because otherwise the investors will be real panic. The launch of the transition model iPhone SE 2 with a reduced price would help to do it.

Of course, one leak did not confirm the release of the iPhone SE 2 in 2019. However, leaks about the smartphone happened, and then completely write off his account until you need it.

Source: Reddit.


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