The dominance ended.

iPhone SE have lost the title of best selling smartphone in Russia. Compact smartphone, Apple held a leading position for almost a year, from August 2017. But in may of 2018 became the leader of Honor 9 Lite, is also different affordable price.

iPhone SE became the best-selling smartphone in Russia for the first time since August of 2017. In may 2018, he passed the position, respectively two smartphone. The leader in sales was Honor 9 Lite, and in the second place, there is another budget smartphone Samsung Galaxy J1.

Representatives from retailers stated that the drop in iPhone sales SE predicted. The smartphone entered the market more than two years ago, he gradually ceases to attract the attention of consumers. Buyers began to prefer the newer models.

The huge popularity of iPhone SE for such an extended period due to the fall in the price of the smartphone. iPhone SE began to rapidly fall in price since January of 2017, in some months dropping a few thousand. In 2018, the smartphone and all were included in the category of models with a price of 20 000 rubles. Given that the original cost of the device exceeded 30 000, a large demand for the model are quite clear.

Earlier it became known that the iPhone SE can be withdrawn from sale this fall. Amid these rumors, many retailers are once again reduced the price of the smartphone.

Source: Statements.


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