Compact iPhone will remain in service.

In the beginning of the week authoritative analysts at BlueFin Research has published an article about Apple’s plans for the further production of compact iPhone. It experts have hinted that Apple will cease sales of the iPhone SE this fall. At least a hint saw all the mainstream media, that the mass said of the impending “death” of iPhone SE. Today, the company BlueFin Research clarified the situation, announcing that the article was misinterpreted and iPhone SE will not disappear from the shelves in the fall.

At BlueFin Research noticed a stir in the media after the publication of his sensational articles. In this regard, they were quick to refute the rumors about the termination of sales of the iPhone SE in September.

Analysts have stated that their note to investors, accidentally caught in a net, did not react to the original iPhone SE. The publication discussed the need for Apple to release iPhone second generation SE, which would save the company the leader in sales of compact smartphones.

Thus, iPhone sales SE will not be terminated in September. Smartphone waiting the price drop another $50-100, experts say.

Earlier rumors that Apple will stop releasing SE iPhone smartphone decently cheaper.

Source: MR.


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