Analysts believe that the threat is real.

In early February, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has directed to Ministry of communications the final version of the bill on mandatory pre-installation of Russian AT the foreign device. Experts believe that due to the new decision of the FAS most of all can suffer Apple. Moreover, analysts believe that if the bill FAS will be adopted in its current form, the iPhone sales in Russia will be threatened.

The FAS worked a bill that requires foreign companies to domestic preinstall software on their devices. The final version of the bill has turned as hard. The FAS decided that the installation of Russian will be a condition of sales of devices in Russia. In other words, if the company refuses to install domestic applications on their devices, then their sale will be banned in Russia.

More likely it may affect Apple, say experts. According to Mobile Research analyst Eldar Murtazin, Apple may not agree to install any apps on their device. Operating systems iOS and macOS are known for their closeness — they lack third-party applications. Appearance on iPhone, iPad and Mac several apps like “Yandex.Browser and Yandex.Maps” is unlikely to happen. But this requires the FAS.

Murtazin believes that if regulation is adopted in the current conditions, the likelihood is high that Apple will seriously reduce the share of the Russian market.

Official Apple representatives have already expressed their negative attitude to the initiative of the Russian authorities by sending official request to the FAS. To date, the Department has not responded to the request of the American company.

Source: Kommersant.


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