The number of installations has increased dramatically.

iOS 12 installed on almost 50% of compatible iPhone and iPad. The new version has bypassed iOS 11 and is now the most popular build of the firmware. This is evidenced by analysts Mixpanel.

As of Friday morning, iOS 12 is installed by 47.48%. Running last year’s version works 45,66% iPhone and iPad. Even 6.86% of users are still using iOS 10 and the previous versions of the operating system. Probably in most cases it is the owners of older devices that no longer receive updates.

Note that Mixpanel estimates — no official data. Apple has not yet said how many people have installed iOS 12 since the release of firmware 17 September. Usually data analysts are slightly different, although they publish them first.

Number Phone, and iPad running iOS 12 will grow in the coming weeks when Apple will stop signing iOS 11. In case of any problems with the devices users will be forced to roll back to the latest available firmware version. This will increase the number of installations.

In the latest build of the operating system Apple engineers worked on the optimization, performance, and stability. iOS 12 is noticeably faster even older devices like the iPhone 5s. Reviews about the increased performance on the Internet so much that users don’t pay attention to news about problems with autonomy.

If you have installed iOS 12 and noticed that the device became less hold a charge, don’t worry. To increase the battery life using these methods.

Source: Mixpanel


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