In the last few days the network has started to receive complaints from owners of iPhone and iPhone Xs Xs Max. According to users, the new devices are experiencing some problems with charging. When this problem occurs not always. However, due to her need to check if the charge.

According to reports, the iPhone may simply not start charging if I connect smartphone to the charger with the screen off. Users report that in some cases, to start charging enough to turn on the display lock button. However, sometimes this doesn’t help except for turning the screen you also need to reconnect the cable.

Most often this problem faced the owners of smartphones from Apple. Sometimes, however, complaints of unstable exercises come from users who haven’t upgraded to the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max.

There is an assumption that the problem is caused by the defense mechanism of the USB Restricted Mode, which should prevent the hacking of the smartphone via the Lightning port. This is indicated by many experts. Most likely, in the near future, the cupertinos will release a small software update that will be fixed.


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