The publisher of USA Today conducted a survey among 1 665 Americans, to find out what most consumers expect from the new Apple devices that the company announced on 12 September.

Screen with a cut in iPhone X was controversial when it came out, but over time critics have taken this decision, and now the design copied by almost every new Android smartphone, except the Galaxy devices from Samsung. The survey revealed that customers the cut not so interfere. Option “Cutout is not necessary” was chosen by only 10% of respondents.

But 75% of respondents want the new iPhone was installed a more powerful battery. Despite the technological progress of other features and technology of the batteries do not move for many years. In iPhone X Apple uses a two-element L-shaped battery to increase capacity.

Most likely, the iPhone XS will not be any major changes in battery life, but perhaps a large 6.5-inch smartphone will get a more capacious battery.

In the second place, the respondents placed the issue of durability of the screen. Corning recently announced the sixth generation of tempered glass, which can appear in the new iPhone models.

Remove the 3.5 mm headphone Jack still causes negative consumer attitudes. Option “audio Jack is back” was chosen by 37% of respondents. People are still upset that it is practically impossible to simultaneously charge the iPhone and listen to music via wired headphones. But Apple is committed to a future without wires, releasing products like the AirPods.

29% of respondents voted for the need to change Lightning connector to USB-C.

Apple may release a new iPhone that will not affect any of these items, but consumers will still be willing to buy a new product.


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