On Apple sued for restricting the possibility of sale and purchase of apps for the iPhone only through the online store App Store. A group of iPhone users filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the United States, accusing Apple of creating an illegal monopoly that leads to overpricing.

In June the Supreme court will decide whether there will be a lawsuit on behalf of users, or to complain should the application developers. The lawsuit States that developers can only sell apps through the App Store, for which Apple takes a 30 percent cut of sales.

According to Apple, claims of users are unfounded, as the company sets the prices, are the developers themselves. Moreover, Apple’s lawyers emphasize that the company only acts as an intermediary, and users buy applications from developers. Apple also insist that an antitrust claim can be submitted only by the developers, not the users.

So far, four judges of the nine support users in the initiative to go to court as the money paid it was Apple, not the developers. The point is that under the law to complain about a monopoly can only directly affected by monopoly.

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