It’s been talked about for quite a while, but Apple is only now beginning to do so. Now, if you try to replace the battery on your iPhone XS, Max XS or XR in informal battery from Apple or even on the original battery, but at an unauthorized service center, you will receive error message on your smartphone.

Now the iPhone will display a message that says that your smartphone can’t check the original battery, which the device will not give you information about his condition. This, of course, is not critical, because the battery will still continue its work, but now you can’t see when it should be replaced.

Interestingly, the authors YouTube channel and The Art of Repair tried to replace the battery on your iPhone using the two original battery, but also got the message. As it became known, the battery itself has a microcontroller to pass information on the iPhone, and Apple uses a proprietary version of the chip, which, in turn, authenticates the battery and connects it to the internal cost. To completely replace the battery without any errors now, only in official service center Apple.

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