In the new version of OS for smartphones, Apple introduced a feature which should help in the fight against unwanted calls, according to British newspaper the Sun.

In Russian localization iOS13 a function called “Mute unknown”.

When you activate it, the iPhone simply doesn’t, taking a call from an unknown number. The call will be transferred to the answering machine, or if the answering machine is not configured, the caller will hear in the tube short beeps. In the list of missed call in any case is displayed.

“Break through” the defense will be able to number from the phonebook and numbers that “knows” voice assistant Siri, such as email. And rooms that the owner of the phone before gaining himself.

The solution has its obvious drawbacks. It is able to deliver from all the obsessive phone calls at once, but there is a risk not to take a really important call, if by coincidence the number of the caller will not be in the circle of trust, who outlined to their Apple users.

Experts believe that with the increase in telemarketing and unsolicited advertising by telephone the demand for such tools will only grow.

The specialists in business communications believe that companies should use the technical abilities of telemarketers “with care and respect to their customers.” So the commercial calls are commented in the office of one of the leading Russian operators of professional telephony for business “Mango Telecom”.

“Even when the person consented to receiving calls can be quite Intrusive, if they are abused. The call requires immediate attention, can knock out a working rhythm, to adjourn the meeting at some point a call is embarrassing, even just to take. Therefore, we advise companies not to forget, at least on the classic SMS-informing”, — said the representative of “Mango Telecom”.

He added that the message is at least as bursts of personal space so abruptly and in many situations works in both client service and marketing than a call, especially if he is undesirable or even inappropriate.

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