The company will find out what the cause of the explosion.

One of the iPhone X could not be successfully update your smartphone to published October 30, iOS 12.1. iPhone X was very hot during the update and eventually exploded. Today Apple has officially commented and said that the explosion of the iPhone X must not be associated with iOS 12.1, but the company is investigating the case.

A user whose iPhone X exploded with the installation of iOS 12.1, went to the Apple tech support through Twitter. Apple representatives quickly answered him and said that the installation of specific firmware could not cause a fire smartphone.

According to the user, his iPhone X only 10 months and he used it very carefully. During the update, the smartphone was connected to a charger and the adapter, and the cable was original. However, the user was charging the iPhone with the charging adapter from the iPad, which has increased the capacity.

Also the owner of exploded iPhone X said that before the fire smartphone have finally ended the installation of the update. But when on the screen appeared the Apple logo from the case the device is emitting smoke.

Apple has confirmed that it will investigate the situation. It is assumed that the problem is not with iOS 12.1 and it is a smartphone. However, what is this problem and is there a chance that in the future it will begin to appear on the other iPhone X currently unknown.

Source: NDTV.


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