Resource WCCFTech, with reference to the information that was published to Chinese social network Weibo, said that the successor to the iPhone XS Max will be equipped with a battery capacity of about 4000 mAh. For comparison, now 6.5-inch smartphone has a battery 3 174 mAh.

It is noteworthy that with a large enough battery for iPhone XI Max can also get a more powerful charger 15 watts. The latter will come bundled with a new machine. Along with these users will also be available and other charging “cubes”. However, you need to buy them separately, as now.

It is difficult to say whether such rumors are true. However, when you consider that at the moment, the iPhone is equipped with one of the weakest batteries on the market, such innovations are quite logical.

Also don’t forget about the fact that a relatively small amount of battery in Apple smartphones does not prevent them from showing good results in tests for autonomy. Especially useful iPhone XR.


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