Earlier in the network already appeared information that digging Apple plans to equip its new advanced smartphones main camera with three lenses. However, only now the sources associated with one of the Chinese partners of Apple, the company shared some details that allow to assess the capabilities of a new camera.

According to available data, cupertinos plans to use in iPhone XI three different lenses: one wide angle, the module of the double-zoom lens and supersonicpayday.

In addition, sources report that Apple’s smartphone may receive a ToF module. The latter is the equivalent of a laser range finder and allows you to calculate the exact distance to different objects in the frame. In the end, thanks to this module it is possible to obtain three-dimensional images of objects.

Sources note that a similar set of lenses and modules not allowing you to place them in one line. So kupertinovtsy preferred square area. We will remind that earlier some sources had reported that the cupertinos are testing several iPhone prototypes XI. They differ from each other is the main camera, or rather, the way the lenses.


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