An interesting design decision.

Known insider OnLeaks published quality renders showing the design and features of iPhone XI — the flagship smartphone Apple sample of 2019. According to the insider, image iPhone XI was created based on all the credible leaks that have been received on the smartphone of recent times, including not previously involved in the Network. Shown in the rendering of the iPhone is largely different from the current models.

What will be the iPhone XI (2019)

According to the published renderam, iPhone XI will be the first Apple smartphone with triple main camera. Camera lenses are located in the upper left corner of the back surface of the body, a decent serving platform. A similar solution recently implemented Huawei your smartphone, Huawei Mate 20.

The insider stressed that renders performed according to the first leaks, and therefore, this is the location of the cameras on the rear surface of iPhone XI will not be confirmed. However, Apple really plans included equipping at least one of the new iPhone triple camera, the source said.

OnLeaks known for publishing many credible leaks concerning Apple devices, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers. Last year he was one of the first finally confirmed the design of the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone.

Source: Twitter.


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