Nice offer from MTS!

October 19, Apple opened the possibility of registration of pre-orders for the new 6.1-inch iPhone XR. The company has not made any competitive bids for the purchase of new items, but Russian retailers have pleased buyers. The most beneficial action of MTS.

Mobile operator MTS has offered the purchase iPhone XR at a discount of 5%. In order to get the discount, you must fulfill only one condition — to pay for the smartphone online in the official online shop of MTS.

On hearing may seem that 5% is very small discount. However, when you consider that the iPhone XR is not the cheapest smartphone, a discount in rubles, it turns out very decent. So, when buying iPhone XR with 64 GB of memory cost of 64 890 rubles, the discount will be 3 244 rubles. This amount is enough to buy all the necessary accessories for your smartphone, including wireless charging.

When purchasing XR iPhone with 128 GB of internal memory, the price of which 68 890 rubles, the discount will be 3 444 rubles. But if you buy iPhone XR with 256 GB of memory with the value 77 890 rubles, the discount will be already 3 894 rubles.

Thus, MTS offers the iPhone purchase XR on the best terms at the moment. In other major Russian stores to buy iPhone XR will only the official price without any discounts.


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