But in General, iPhone XR is not very easy to scratch.

A well-known blogger jerryrigeverything once to test all new smartphones for durability and scratch resistance, assessed the build quality of the latest iPhone XR. Specialist recognized that the Assembly of the iPhone XR performed at the highest level and the smartphone is quite difficult to scratch. However, a weak spot in the iPhone XR he still found is the camera lens.

The single-lens iPhone camera XR is covered by a conventional protective glass. In their latest smartphones, Apple covers the camera is sapphire glass, which eliminates the appearance of scratches on the lens. XR in the iPhone, Apple did not resort to this decision. Apparently, because of the desire to save on the components of the smartphone and make it more accessible.

In this connection, iPhone users XR it is recommended to use the smartphone without a case neater. In particular, the smartphone need to put less “spin” on different surfaces. Since the iPhone camera XR sticks out from the body, it can get scratched because of touching a rough surface.

The General build quality and stability iPhone XR to scratch blogger jerryrigeverything once have rated a solid five points. According to experts, the smartphone will be problematic badly scratched in everyday use.

Source: YouTube.


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