Apple is obviously pleased.

Research firm CIRP has published statistics on the sales of iPhone in November 2018. According to the published data, iPhone XR was the best-selling Apple smartphone in the world. The share of the iPhone XR accounted for 32% of all purchased iPhone for a month. In CIRP noted that the iPhone XR only 7% less than last year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for the same period.

Despite numerous rumors that the iPhone XR was “a failure of the smartphone”, the novelty is very high. The share of the iPhone XR accounted for 32% of all smartphones sold by Apple in November. For comparison, the share of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus last year over the same period was 39%. It’s more, but the difference in demand is huge, as is claimed by many media outlets, said the experts of CIRP.

Analysts have not disclosed the quantitative sales of new iPhone models. Relevant statistics will be published after the end of the quarter. It is noteworthy that it will draw many investors. Apple has announced that it will no longer reveal the exact sales of the iPhone and its other devices with 2019. The company explained that sales of its devices in PCs are no longer the measure of success or lack thereof.

Source: CIRP.


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