iPhone Xr appeared on the shelves recently. However, over the past few days the unit has managed not only to disassemble but also to thoroughly test the strength. For example, the author of the channel EverythingApplePro did some testing to see how good iPhone Xr takes the fall. The obtained data are compared with the test results iPhone 8.

All the tests were about the same. Blogger smartphones dropped from different heights – first on the back, and then to the display. iPhone 8 survived six drops. iPhone Xr was more “hardy”.

6.1-inch device, not only survived a series of falls from a height of about 1.7-1.8 meters, but survived a fall from a height more than 3 meters. However, in this case it landed on the side of the frame. When falling flat glass back cover still cracked. But the smartphone continued to work.

Not particularly affect iPhone Xr and the third fall with a three-meter height. Initially, the mobile is hung with the included screen. But after a while it rebooted and the display has continued to work despite the cracks.


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