Apple did a good job.

iPhone XR is the most affordable smartphone Apple sample of 2018. But despite a more affordable price, the smartphone is not inferior to the flagship iPhone XS iPhone XS Max speed, but ahead of them in separate tests.

In single-core mode, the benchmark GeekBench for iPhone 4 XR 4 scored 818 points. This result differs very slightly from that of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max (4 807 813 and 4 points respectively). In multi-core testing mode iPhone XR also demonstrated similar to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max results. 6.1-inch Apple smartphone scored 11 326 points, and his comrades on the line — 11 382 096 and 11 points, respectively.

In comparison with iPhone X iPhone XR superiority is more obvious. In single-core mode iPhone XR bypasses the flagship 2017 at 13%, and in the “megapolice” — about 10%. The only thing where iPhone XR just “destroys” the iPhone X — performance graphics subsystem. Here the superiority of the iPhone XR reaches 40%.

In AnTuTu v7 smartphone iPhone XR boasts a score of 335 174 points. The iPhone XS iPhone XS Max — 305 and 309 409 188 points respectively. The increase in 20 thousand due to the lower resolution display 6.1-inch smartphone while the video subsystem as the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

Source: Macworld


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